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Roof Top Inspection

Shingles may be rated for a specific range of years by the manufacturer, but this is accurate only if no situations like heavy storms arise to damage the roof shingles. As a homeowner, you must get routine roofing examinations to preserve your roofing’s great form and to stop deterioration well before it begins. Along with preventing a significant roofing repair cost.

Protection and safety are critical! A thorough roofing inspection includes diagnosing and evaluating the roofing of either your domestic or commercial structure to spot if it requires a major repair service, small repair, or an entire roofing replacement. Newer roofing systems generally only require small repair work and improvements, whereas aging roofing systems typically need more significant work carried out or perhaps a complete replacement.

If we discover that only a few roofing shingles are broken or missing, and/or if the roofing has only small leaks, you more than likely will not have to change the whole roofing. Fixing any problems before they become worse is a preventive step that can help your roofing last many years longer than the service warranty period, thus conserving you the cost of unneeded roofing repair work or costly replacement roofing installations.

Before buying a home, you must arrange a house inspection that includes a roof inspection so that you can factor in the required repair work into the cost of that property. Roofing examinations can identify typical roofing problems that result from weathering and getting old and if there is any roofing leak repair needed. They may or may not be covered by warranty.

For careful roofing inspections, get in touch with our Tonawanda crew. We serve all of Erie County and and neighboring communities. 

Some examples of problems that can cause leaks

Watch out for the following:

  • Damaged or missing roof shingles
  • Shingles buckling/curling
  • Shingle granules in rain gutters
  • Drainage issues
  • Leaks or fractures
  • Rooftop slumping or dropping
    Vegetations or moss growth

Description of specific issues

An inspection of your roofing by our Tonawanda {contractors|pros|experts|professionals may reveal the following:

Damaged flashing: Roofing system flashing is needed to keep your roofing from dripping wherever you have a penetration coming through your roofing, whether it’s a loft, skylight, chimney, or air vent pipe.

If your flashing is poorly set up or broken in some way, leaks can quickly materialize.

Water spots on ceiling Dark spots appear on your ceiling or moisture is leaking from the ceiling.

Missing Shingles: If roof shingles are worn out or improperly set up, powerful winds can separate shingles.

Buckled roof shingles: May be caused by excessive wetness or the cover below the roofing buckling. Buckled roof shingles can quickly break down.

Missing Granules: Asphalt dries on more outdated roofings. This triggers the granules to be uprooted. Granules protect roof shingles from sunshine.

Curling Shingles: The roofing reinforcement can shrink, causing the roofing to curve. This typically takes place when shingles are near their expiration date.

Needles and Leaves: Creates terrible appearance. Easy for moss and algae to embed in and weaken roofing systems when needles and leave and debris are left behind there.

Algae Staining: If algae are left behind on the roofing, their root systems can lift granules, causing the roofing to deteriorate. It also produces a dirty stain.

Curling shakes: The curving of shakes is caused by malfunctioning shakes or aging shakes. Curling shakes might be freely be removed by massive winds.

Splitting Shakes: Shakes end up being more delicate as they grow older due to the fact that they lose their natural oils. This triggers breaking.


Additional service options delivered by our Tonawanda roofers

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